Importance of worshiping Lord shiv on Monday

Importance of worshiping Lord shiv on Monday

                                            Monday is the best day to worship Lord Shiva!

If a person wants to receive the grace of Shiva, then they should offer water to Shivalinga everyday. In particular, Shiva should be worshipped every Monday, this can be bring grace of Shiva. All wishes are fulfilled  by the grace of God's and can relieve problems. Here's Monday's usual method to worship Shiva-

Get up early on Monday morning and get the shower etc. and visit Shiva temple. Commit vow before God to have fast and have food only at night, can have fruits and milk in day time.

After taking the vow offer water to the Shivalinga. Offer cow's milk, floral necklace and rice, saffron, bel patra (leaves), sweets etc.

Chant this matra when you worship:

1. Om Mahashiway Somay Namah


2. Om Namah Shivaya.

Number of chanting mantras must be at least 108. Rudraksha beads for chanting is best utilized. Shiva Family (first Sri Ganesha, Goddess Parvati, Kartikeya, Nandi, the snake god) should also be worshipped.