Importance of Number 108 according to Mythology

Importance of Number 108 according to Mythology

Importance of Number 108 according to Mythology

Importance of Number 108 according to Hinduism

According to popular beliefs and proofs in Hinduism, the number 108 holds a lot of value and is considered to be the most auspicious among all numbers in the world. It is also believed that everything in the universe is made up of 108 and this number can be found everywhere. One can get 100% benefit from these numbers if one was to follow the teachings in the Vedas. It is said that we breathe in 15 times a minute which totals to 900 times in an hour and which therefore totals to 10800 times in 12 hours. This means that a person can devote half his day to his idol to get the best of everything in life. In the Vedas it is written that the maximum number of times that a person can do a “Mantra” or “Jap” is 108 times. One “Jap” is counted when a person makes a full turn over a mala which has 108 beads. Only when someone can complete 108 malas, the full benefit of the devotion is accepted by the Gods and benefits can be reaped by the devotees.

Also, according to Hindu scriptures, the number 108 has a lot of significance in life and in universe. There are evidences to prove the same as well. Here are a few evidences that show that the number 108 has amazing significance in real life.

1. The Diameter of Sun in 108 times that of Earth and the distance between Earth and the Sun is 108 times the Diameter of Sun.

2. The average distance between Earth and Moon is 108 times the diameter of Moon.

If these universal truths aren’t enough, then there is more from all walks of life.

From Ayurveda, there is the belief that there are “108 Marma Points” which act together and are essential to give life to a human being.

The most powerful Sri Chakra Yantra intersects in 54 points in the body of an individual and by adding both masculine and feminine qualities the total comes to 108.

According to Indian Astrology, there are a total of 12 houses and 9 planets. If you multiply them both then the total equals to 108.

Now, according to the Tantra, all of us breathe in 21600 times a day and out of this there are 10800 times when we breathe in Solar Energy and 10800 times when we breathe in Lunar Energy.

There are even more evidences that prove that number 108 holds a special value everywhere. Even numerology predictions show such evidences.

1. Bharata, the famous saint wrote “The Natya Shastras” where mentioned there are 108(one hundred eight) Karnas.

2. As In Sanskrit, there are a total of 54 letters each of which correspond to a male and female entity and thus makes it a total of 108.

3. There are 108 Puranas and 108 Upanishads.

4. Harshad is a word that means ‘great joy’. And, 108 is a Harshad number.

Need you more evidences or proof in this connection?

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