Do you know why in hindu marriages/wedding Bride & Groom takes 7 (फेरे ) phere.

Do you know why in hindu marriages/wedding Bride & Groom takes 7 (फेरे ) phere.

Do you know why in hindu marriages wedding Bride & Groom takes 7 phere.

The Saptapadi, the Sanskrit word that implies seven stages/feet, is the most essential custom of a hindu wedding and speaks to the legitimate part of the marriage. Amid the service, the couples charm their promises to each other and take rounds of the Holy Fire, which is considered as taking pledges before the Fire God (Agni Dev) as the witness. 

The Saath Pheras, according to all traditions and astrological predictions must happen amid the onset of the dawn: 

1. The main Phera or guarantee is made by the man and lady to god for a lot of sustenance and that they work for to get it in bounty. 

2. In the second Phera, the couple will request mental, profound and physical well-being from God. May they get sound and prosperous life. 

3. In the third Phera, in regards to numerology reading, the couple goes to god for riches and for quality to outperform all kinds of different backgrounds together-whether it be excruciating or loaded with joy. 

4. In the Fourth Phera, the couple appeal to God for the prosperity of their normal friends and family, i.e., their family. May their affection and regard for each different develops with time. 

5. In the Fifth Phera, the couple approach from god for excellent, gallant and respectable youngsters from the God. 

6. In the Sixth Phera, the couple requests tranquil and long existence with each other till time everlasting. 

7. In the Seventh and the last Phera, the couple requests favoring from God for fellowship, unwaveringness and harmony in varying backgrounds. They are currently companions and with development they do their kinship for lifetime. Presently they won't break each other's trust and that all men and ladies separated from each other are optional. 

The Saath Pheres mean the kinship among the couple and affirms their connection and bond forever.