Diwali Mantras and know the correct way of lighting up diyas today !!!

Diwali Mantras and know the correct way of lighting up diyas today !!!

Diwali Mantras and know the correct way of lighting up diyas today

Diwali is celebrated each year on theAmavasya day of Kartik month. Commending the celebration of Diwali on this dayholds an extraordinary hugeness as it is one of the darkest evenings of theyear when the force of the satanic strengths wake up. As splendid lights arethe most noticeably awful adversaries of insidiousness strengths, soindividuals light earthen lights or Diyas in their homes to keep them away. Ona profound level of thought, the light of a light helps one to scatter thehaziness of numbness and grasp the celestial light of learning. Numerous holy peoplehave encountered this perfect sentiment extreme learning by offeringsupplications to God on the night of Diwali.

Diwali is close to here and at the same time every person will seemforward to enjoyable Goddess Laxmi, do you additionally comprehend that theGanesh-Laxmi pujan has a unique significance in the Diwali celebrations?

It's good known that Diwali is a alone festival of lights --- onnowadays, we embellish our house and light-weight diyas in all places, so thatthe darkness of the Amavasya night time negates and the brightness of thelights spreads love and excellent cheer throughout.

Nevertheless, it's not virtually lighting the lamps, but it is alsoabout lighting the lamps at the proper places that makes all the difference inpleasing Goddess Laxmi. Listed here are the three places you must gentle alamp, this Diwali.

आज के दिन शुभ मुहूर्त शाम को 6:27 बजे से 8:23 बजे के बीच में रहेगा।

इस समय न करे पूजा  - शाम 4:30 से 6 बजे के बीच राहुकाल(unauspicious) रहेगा अतः इस समय में दिवाली पूजा न करें।  

The primary lamp you should mild at a temple in front of a Shivlinga.You should also pray to Lord Shiva at the same time doing so.

The 2nd lamp, you must mild below a peepal tree. You must pray to LordVishnu while doing so.

The third lamp you mustlight at a street crossing and depart it there --- don’t turn back afterplacing lamp.

Here are some mantras that would make wayfor a happy and prosperous Diwali.


A day before Diwali, that is on Dhantrayodashi,introduce a metallic yantra of Kuber and Lakshmi set on a red material. Offerred blossoms, ashthagandha, pomegranate, lotus seeds, lotus blooms, vermilion(sindoor) to it and play out a puja. Recite the kuber mantra 108 timesutilizing dried lotus rosary.

"Om Shreeng Om Hreeng Shreeng HreengKleeng Shreeng Kleeng Vitteshawaray Namah" As Kuber is the Lord of wealth,this mantra empowers you to lead a prosperous life which is brimming withmonetary benefits.

2. ForSaving Money

Upon the arrival of Diwali, take a goodbath and recite Shree Sukta. Offer red pomegranate to Devi Lakshmi and chant anaarti. Plant a Bael Tree (wood apple) in the Northern heading of your home.Introduce a brilliant Shree Yantra on the night of Diwali and serenade 1 rosaryof the accompanying mantra consistently. You can likewise do Beej mantra Srim(claimed 'Shreem').

Spread a gooseberry with vermilion and tieit in a red fabric. Keep it before Devi Lakshmi amid the Diwali pooja.

Chant 'Om Vishnupriya Namah' utilizing adry lotus seed rosary and offer your supplications. The following day keep itin your money box.

3. To BeFree of Debts

Recite the following mantra to be free ofdebts at all times. This is in accordance to numerology predictions andastrology as well.

"Shri Ganeshay Namah", "OmGaneshay Namah"

"Om Gang Ganadhirajaay Namah","Om Shri Manmahaganaadhipatye Namah",

Introduce the icon of Dakshinavarti Ganeshaand Ganapati yantra before you begin this mantra.

4.Eliminate Grief and Poverty from Home

Start recitation of Durgasaptashati onDiwali night. Presenting Durga kavaj or Durga Chalisa consistently heads outneediness and melancholy as well as acquires health and fortune. "OmHreeng Dung Durgaayai Namah".

Put dark turmeric, vermilion (sindoor) anda couple coins in a red material. Offer pooja to these things while playing outthe Diwali pooja. Once the pooja is over, place these things tied in redmaterial at the place where you keep cash and every one of your assets.

5. Get Ridof Ailments and Be Healthy

In connection to being healthy and gettingrid of ailments, you must recite the following mantra that comes along withsome instructions.

Presenting 1 rosary of this mantraconsistently for the following 43 days guarantees you great wellbeing and keepsyou from ailments. "Rogaanaseshaanapahansi Tushtaa, Rushtaa Tu KaamaanSakalaanabheeshtaan; Twaamaasritaanaang Na Bipannaraanaang, TwaamaasritaanaangHyaasrayataang Prayaanti"

This mantra empowers you to dispose ofsicknesses or cure you from an infirmity.

Follow these mantras for a healthy, happy and wealthy Diwali 2016.

Wishing you all a very happy Diwali!