As per Garud Puran your Sin(bad deed) will decide your next birth.

As per Garud Puran your Sin(bad deed) will decide your next birth.

As per Garud Puran your Sin(bad deed) will decide your next birth

1. Sins in your present life chooses your next birth  

In some cases the laws of Karma strike us so hard that were are left in stunningness of its resourcefulness. Hindu Puranas have extraordinarily clarified how karma functions and is served.

2. Karma influences existence in the wake of death  

Regardless of the amount we wish it to come to pass for upon us in our present life, yet it doesn't work that way. We wish to manage the positive leafy foods consequences of our great and awful karma, individually, in this lifetime, yet that doesn't generally happen.

3. Antiquated writings  

As specified in Hindu old messages, our lives are not just foreordained by our Karma in present life, yet are followed from our past too.

4. Prepare birth  

Which implies that all our great and awful karmas from our past lives are considered before we set out for new birth; maybe that chooses will's identity conceived as in our next incarnation.

5. Great and Bad Karma  

So that implies our present life keeps on living under the shadows-regardless of the possibility that we keep on doing awful in this life, we may even now appreciate an upbeat stages, perhaps on the grounds that as an aftereffect of good karma from our past life.

6. Rishi Vyasa  

Antiquated sage Maharishi Ved Vyasa composed Vedas and Puranas for the humanity to comprehend the nuts and bolts of higher learning. His lessons have on numerous occasions illuminated us, and today we'll be going to investigate learning of births and incarnations.

7. 84000 resurrections  

Also our mindful that with a specific end goal to take birth as a human, a spirit needs to go toss 84000 births in types of modest cells through creepy crawlies, plants and creatures.

8. Sorts of birth in Hinduism  

Rishi Vyasa clarifies that after human birth, in view of their Karma and sins, the spirit is chosen for its next incarnation. On in view of these counts, it is chosen whether you'll be a creepy crawly, a creature or be renewed as a human.

9. Garud Purana  

In Garud Purana, he says that once the spirit is permitted to be conceived as a human, amid the 9-months in the womb, it guarantees to recollect this gift and keep on serving God. In any case, subsequent to taking birth the human overlooks and goes ahead to do sins.

10. Wrongdoings in world  

From burglary, duping, fabrication to disloyalty, murder and harming somebody, and some more, Rishi Vyasa clarifies that the destiny of soul relies on upon these wrongdoings. Perused on to know which sin brings about what birth…


11. Sin 1  

Any individual who shapes a powerful connection with a female would endure appalling outcomes in damnation. For the following birth, they will be conceived as wolf, then in their next birth they will be jackal, then vulture, then snake lastly a heron.

12. Sin 2  

Affronting senior citizens of the family or outside world, humiliating them and letting them down before the general public would be conceived as crow and would need to get by in this birth for no less than 10 years. This is in accordance is astrological predictions and numerology reading as well.

13. Sin 3  

Taking of gold is viewed as indefensible sin in Puranas. A man, who submits this transgression, would need to manage its outcome in the following birth. Rishi Vyasa clarifies this individual would be conceived as a creepy crawly in his/her next birth. Furthermore, one who takes silver will be conceived as a pigeon.

14. Sin 4  

The discipline of taking, grabbing garments or stripping somebody of theirs, records for an appalling discipline; they will be conceived as a parrot, who will need to survive confine for the duration of its life.

15. Sin 5  

Ending somebody's life, killing them, is held for most elevated discipline. Rishi Vyasa clarifies that this individual is conceived as jackass in their next life. A creature who all through needs to endure the brunt of its proprietor and survive conveying heaviest weights day and night.

And it is said this is the way our world will end in KALIYUGA