7 important things should be present in Raksha Bandhan Thali

7 important things should be present in Raksha Bandhan Thali

7 important things should be present in Raksha Bandhan Thali

Brother and sister celebrate Raksha Bandhan (18 August, Thursday) it is like a mahaparva. This day all the sisters tie thread on brother hand. Before tieing Rakhi special kind of plate is decorated with auspicious things which denotes connection of luck. There are 7 most important things need to be taken care in rakhi plate.

1. Kumkum

The beginning of any auspicious work is done via kumkum Tilak. This tradition is very old and is followed even today. Tilak is a symbol of value self-esteem. Sister and brother reveal Tilak is respect. Additionally, sister put tilak on the forehead of brother and wish for longevity. So Kumkum is very important.

2. Akshat-Rice

After applying Tilak rice are applied at the top of the Tilak. Rice is also called Akshat in Sanskrit, this means something which is complete. Putting it over Tilak brings good impact on life. Rice is also associated with the planet Venus. The planet effects the physical comfort in life.

3. Coconut

Sisters hands-on a coconut to brother after applying Tilak. Coconut is also known as shriphal, which means a fruit from goddess Lakshmi. Sister prays for the well being, happiness, success and fame of the brother giving this coconut.

4. Rakhi

It is said tying Rakhi calms 3 kind of flaws. Tridosha i.e. vata, pitta and kapha. Any illness in our bodies is concerned only with these flaws. Rakhi maintains these 3 things and give healthy life.  This thread makes pressure on nerves which helps in maintaining balance of body. Brother promises her sister to protect her from any difficulty. This Rakhi is symbol for brother that he is also like guardian for her sister.  

5. Sweets

After tying Rakhi sister offer sweet to her brother. Sweet indicates that there will always be sweetness in their relation.

6. Lamp

After tying Rakhi the sister lightens the oil lamp or dia and hymes. It is believed that this saves the brother from all the evil and negative energies. The sister prays that the brother remains happy and healthy.

7. Bowl with water

In the Rakhi plate a vessel filled with water is also kept. In every good deed a vessel filled with water is kept, it is believed that all the gods and pilgrims reside in this vessel. With the effect of this peace and happiness remains in the brother and sisters life.

Auspicious time to tie Rakhi is 5.55 to 14.56 or 13.42 to 14.56