5 things that make Goddess Lakshmi Angry

                                                       5 things that make Goddess Lakshmi Angry

At the present time everyone wants to remain in the grace of the goddess Lakshmi, because the person who gets the grace of Goddess Lakshmi get all the happiness of life are available. That is why people do all possible Pooja and offerings for Goddess Lakshmi.
According to hindu mythology there are various things by which goddess Lakshmi can be happy and  stay away from you. According to the above brief in  Garuda Purana there are e five things you should avoid. These tasks are:

1. wearing dirty clothes, 2. having dirty teeth, 3. over-eating, 4. inexorable (rigid) speaking, 5. At the time of sunrise and sunset if someone sleeps even if it is Lord Vishnu.

1. Dirty clothes

According to Garuda Purana dirty clothes or dirty clothes wearers to abandon the goddess Lakshmi. In simple words if you are clean people feel happy to interact you. Increase your acquaintance. If you are a business person it  will attract others into your business to grow. If you do the job owner’s happy to see that your hygiene.

Conversely if you wear dirty clothes, people will maintain a distance from you. No one like to talk. In this case, your business may be stopped if you do the job so the owner can remove you from the job at this stage. So should not wear dirty clothes.

2. Having dirty teeth

People whose teeth are dirty, the goddess Lakshmi, waive them. It simply means to be dirty teeth is your temperament and health. Those who do not clean their teeth properly, they do not do any work with dedication and honesty. It shows about their lazy nature. Due to the lazy nature it is understood, people do not maintain their responsibility.

From the point of view of health, if the teeth are dirty, dirty teeth invites many diseases related to the stomach. So, Goddess Lakshmi leaves people with dirty teeth.

3. Over eating

Those people who are eating more then their needs are obviously more fat. Body fat prevents them from working, the body due to  this invites variety of diseases. Such people tend to rely on luck more than labor. It is said Goddess Lakshmi prefer to stay close to the who are strong enough to continue on the labor force. Body fat makes people more lazy. Goddess Lakshmi to abandon people who eat so much. So should not eat more than required.

4. Harsh speaking

People who speak without reasons and scream at others, or abuse al the time. Such people tend to abandon the Goddess Lakshmi. People who behave like this with their servant or those working under them and whose nature is very cruel is not liked by goddess lakshmi. Those who do not help others, Goddess Lakshmi does not like them. 

5. At the time of sunrise and sunset if someone sleeps

Sunrise and sunset times is the time to remember God and has been given for physical exercise. At the time of Sunrise yoga, pranayama and other workout keeps the body healthy. At this time, the atmosphere is with pure oxygen, which keep lungs healthy. In addition to the remembrance of God at sunrise chanting mantras are also many benefits. So should be up before sunrise. 
sunset times can be of light-weight exercise. These times are set for the worship of God. Those who sleep at sunrise and sunset, they certainly are lazy. Because of their lazy nature people can not earn any success in life. That is why the time of sunrise and sunset, people sleeping goddess Lakshmi don’t like them.

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